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Residential Bug Sweeping - TSCM

Bug Sweeping, TSCM and Electronic Countermeasures

It can be referred to as Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), Electronic Countermeasures (ECM), De-Bugging sweeps; but whatever you call it, spy electronics has never been more accessible to the general public. Bugs can be introduced into computers, telephones, electrical fittings, furnishings, false ceilings amongst other things and can undermine your privacy in the home, office or car.


Two One Investigations' sister company the Australian Bug Detection Group can offer discreet and confidential bug sweeping and counter surveillance services to clients who suspect that they may be under surveillance or want to ensure their privacy. Their techicians have been formally trained in the use of their government grade equipment in America.


The easy availability of audio and video surveillance bugs from internet retailers has made it relatively easy for someone to either monitor your conversations, to monitor you visually or even to track your movements. The professional and effective Technical Counter Surveillanve Measures (TSCM) service provided by the Australian Bug Detection Group can ensure your privacy help mitigate eavesdropping.


The Australian Bug Detection Group can arrange for a comprehensive electronic sweep of any premises, office, home, telephone line or vehicle. This together with a thorough physical examination of the location will detect any devices tracking you, be it a listening device or visual surveillance equipment. The technical equipment used utilises the very latest digital technology. The Australian Bug Detection Group are able to detect the presence of both active and passive bugging devices; the continuously review their practices and equipment in order to keep abreast of new developments in the surveillance and counter surveillance field.



To ensure ongoing security, some corporate clients schedule in regular TSCM inspections in order to be assured that they are operating in a secure and private environment.


If you are contacting the Australian Bug Detection Group and do have existing concerns about your privacy we advise you call/email from a location away from the suspected target area.

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