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Locating Missing Persons

Locating Missing Persons

Two One Investigations offer a special service to trace missing persons within Australia to help you find partners, children, relatives, family, friends or debtors.


Missing persons investigations are dealt with on a strictly confidential basis. Our services and prices are tailored to individual requirements depending on the situation and possible location of the subject. The confidentiality of your enquiry is assured at all times, and when dealing with these cases maintain communication with our clients, informing them of progress and consulting them on crucial decisions.


Missing person categories

  • Out of touch friends or colleagues
  • Parents looking for lost children or relatives
  • Children looking for lost parents or relatives
  • Mothers looking for absconded ex-partners
  • Missing heirs
  • Missing company directors
  • Absconded debtors


Locating a missing person can, depending on the situation, be a difficult task requiring sensitivity, tact and understanding. We will always lend a sympathetic ear and carry out our missing persons services with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

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